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Month: January 2016

Hair Dressing Courses – What you can Expect at a Hair Dressing School

Beauty and makeup courses

Are you a creative, social and technical individual looking for a career in hair dressing? Are you searching for hair stylist training in Melbourne, Australia? You are at the right place.

Everyone loves a great hair cut. A hair cut can completely change the way a person looks. Therefore a hair dressing course can help you learn the right skills. It’s obvious that you won’t become certified hair sculpting artist as soon as you finish your course, but it could actually help you build a firm foundation for your dream career.

The following are the things which you might expect at a hair dressing course.

  • It’s not all about the practical, expect theoretical courses as well. The program consists of lectures which would help students understand the functions of various tools and their application in hair cutting. The knowledge that certain cuts suit certain facial types work well and how certain hair colors can help accentuate a person’s facial features.
  • Once the students know about the basic hair cutting techniques they would be asked to display the skills they have learned by doing practical on models.
  • Students are also given lessons in hair perming and straightening along with hair extension techniques.
  • The training just doesn’t focus on hair sculpting techniques only. The students are given a basic course in etiquette and the right techniques for dealing with people so that they can become successful with their clientele. This could even help them establish a business of their own in the long term.
  • Basic management skills are taught as well. These all add up to the training of the students.
  • Once the training is complete, the students might need to pass a practical exam. Students are provided with on the job training and enrolled in apprenticeship programs. The professional hair stylists provide the necessary feedback to the students.

Enrolling in a hair dressing course

Hairdressing trainingIndividuals who are seeking enrollment in a hair dressing course in Melbourne, Australia must be aware of the following

  • They need to have at least a high school leaving certificate or an equivalent before getting an admission in a hairstyling school.
  • The students are required to go through a placement test in which they need a passing grade in order to secure a place in the hairstyling course.
  • The students should be able to meet the financial requirement for the course. There is assistance provided for students looking for a scholarship.
  • There are many hair dressing schools which require the students to be at least 18 or older. Though there are some which may allow students aged sixteen to enroll in the course.

By enrolling in a hairstyling course students learn the skills to be able to cut hair in classic and attractive styles. Hair dressing courses can prove to be beneficial for students who want to make a career in the beauty industry. However they are also provided the necessary business training to set up their own business.

For information on hairdressing courses in Melbourne, Australia contact this website. They not only help students learn hair cutting techniques but provide them with necessary business acumen to set up their own business. They also offer some of Melbourne’s best beauty courses click here to see their curriculum. Beauty courses are increasingly rising in popularity and this provider will have you well equipped.

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Buying Original Ugg Boots – How To Spot Fake Ones

Since Ugg boots have become a sort of a fashion icon, it’s no wonder there are a great many companies which are taking advantage of the brand’s popularity and producing counterfeit ones. Most people would love to buy a pair of Uggs but are often cheated into buying those which are only a cheap imitation.

Celebrities wearing original ugg boots

In order to avoid being saddled with pair of fake Uggs, make sure to keep the following things in mind.

Beware of Stores Which Offer a Big Discount

Since Uggs are made from real sheep skin they aren’t really cheap. The original Uggs are made with care and precision and the workmanship actually sets them apart from cheap imitations. If you find a deal which is hard to believe, trust your instinct and run in the other direction.

Being fooled is easy and especially if you are buying from an online store. When you buy online you can’t see it for yourself and you have to buy whatever the retailer has put on display.

  • Most of the time the retailer might put up a picture of an original Ugg boot, however you could be sent a cheap knock-off.
  • In the case you decide to buy Ugg boots online, make sure you buy from an authorized dealer.
  • Beware of shady retailers who offer whopping discounts.

Major Differences to Look Out For in Ugg Boots

  • Real Ugg boots are made from sheepskin. If you have a pair of original Uggs in your hand you won’t be able to separate the fleece from the suede lining the shoe. If by any chance you can pull apart both it means that you are holding a knock off and not the real thing. Since the counterfeit shoes are made up of cow hide on the exterior with foam sandwiched in between the suede, it will easily come apart.
  • Check out the stitching. If you take a closer look you can see the stitching quite visible on your pair of Ugg boots. If by any chance you spot irregular stitching you could easily spot a fake. When you buy Ugg boots online it’s hard to tell if they are original or not.
  • Check out the sole. The original Ugg sole is thick but it’s pliable as well. A sole which is hard or inflexible points towards a counterfeit.
  • Take a look at the shoebox. The shoebox for an original pair of Uggs has a reflective sticker. It’s a sticker of the company’s sun logo. When the sticker is angled at 90 degrees it will change color from black to white. If the logo on your shoebox doesn’t change color you could probably be holding a fake pair of Uggs.
  • Some Uggs even have a label which is sewn in the interior of the left boot. The label again consists of the company’s logo which changes its color from black to white.
  • However if the boots which you have bought do not have a label sewn in you should take a look at the outer sole of the left shoe. It should have a reflective sticker placed in there.

When buying Ugg boots make sure you check for these above mentioned signs to avoid being sold counterfeit Uggs.

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