02 Mar 2016

Building and Designing a Cozy Modern Home

A luxury home design by a builder

Modern luxury home designs tend to come off as cold and uninviting, even if a family does indeed live there. This may be due to the architecture itself or the interior design that ends up inside it. Usually, these two things play off each other. If a home is built using a very modern plan, it’s highly likely that the interior design will result in the same modern style. For builders who also create beautiful interiors, how do you keep a modern luxury home, well, homey? Well luxury builders in Melbourne destination living seem to think that luxury homes are best – and this is evident by their home designs.

  1. Excess use of glass walls

This is undoubtedly a very beautiful effect. A home made up of glass walls is full of light and openness. However, it can seem skeletal, even if the actual furnishing is very eclectic. This style is rampant in Melbourne Australia, where the trend of the open-plan space is out in favor of individual spaces. The glass walls give the best of both worlds, but an excess use of them creates a gap between house and home in the eyes of potential buyers. The lack of privacy that glass walls offer may also be an issue.

  1. Excess use of white

A beautiful, crisp white home makes for beautiful pictures, and indeed some people enjoy living in such a sterile environment. White interiors and exteriors is a fabulous trend with contemporary builders and designers, and can create absolutely stunning spaces with a very minimal palette, however when paired with hard, geometric architecture and accessories, the luxury home loses its hominess.

  1. Bigger is not always better

A luxury home does not necessarily mean it has to be a spacious abode styled with marble floors and pillars, but can instead be a smaller, more efficient home with the latest high-tech appliances and gadgets. Some people, especially today, simply don’t need or want the ample space that their affluence may enable them to have, but still want to live luxuriously. A high-tech home does just that. A top of the line security system, or heating and cooling system, or anything voice-activated, are just some of the many interesting gadgets a home can come with. Certainly an architect inspired house will save on space if designed correctly, and if you are looking for residential architects in Melbourne this company is your best choice.

  1. Integrated texture

House made completely of brick, or of concrete, or even completely made of wood can make anyone feel a little boxed in, and a boxed in feeling should never come with a home. When designing a modern luxury home, it is almost a necessity to combine various building materials together to create an eclectic exterior look while maintaining a neutral color all throughout. The interior, however, can be a little more “fun” with the mixing of wall textures, floor textures, and various fabric textures to create a truly lived-in look that anyone would find cozy and fit actually to be a home.

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