16 Dec 2015

Living In Sydney And Working On Cruise Ships

A cruise ship arriving in Sydney

Cruise boats are staffed with hundreds of customer service, hospitality, boating professionals and other types of services. Employees are usually required to sign contracts to work in boats.

Cruise boats hire people to work in different aspects of the boat’s maintenance; both those that will manage the boat, and concessionaries that will work in the shops.

One of the great ways to see the world, and meet people from all walks of life is by working on a cruise boat. Below are some of the tips that will increase your chances of getting a job in a cruise boat:

Decide if the career or the job is what you want at the moment

Though working in a cruise boat is one of the formidable ways of seeing the world, but you need to put certain things into considerations.

First, do you easily suffer from seasickness? If you are then, this is not the right job for you because some cruise crew sleep at the bottom of the boat, where there are tight spaces and often no windows.

Secondly, can you work up to 7 days a week? Staff and cruise crew work every day, though at varying hours for the duration of the contract. Staff may enjoy 3 to 4 months vacations during the contracts, but they are required to work at least 14 hours every day.

Thirdly, decide if you can comfortably stay for months without communication with your loved ones. That is why cruise boat jobs are usually taken by single or young people who are able to stay for months without direct communication to the outside world. There are available internet facilities on board, where you can send mails or chat with friends in the social media.

Understand how the Sydney boat cruises work

Specials on cruise dealsCruises from Sydney and the boat jobs that come with them are quite different from normal company jobs. There are different duties of the officers that run the boat. The captain takes care of the hospitality / hotel duties. Usually, the officers that work in the boat come from Norway, Greece, Holland, and the United States. This is a type of work that is given to those who have acquired experience in seafaring industries. The officers can interact with the passengers, but only during their free time.

The staffs take care of the day to day running of the boat such as entertainment, hotel management, technical works, fitness instructors and photographers.

The concessionaries are usually hired by outside professional agencies to manage gift shops, casinos and other stores. Most times cruise boats contract outside companies to run these services. So, you can apply to those companies, and agree to their terms and conditions before cruise boat assignments.

The crew are the lowest paid in the chain of events; they include the busboys, cooks, waiters, bar staff, maintenance staff, and cleaners. Their wages are also very low compared to other positions. Usually, most crew workers come from poor countries or third countries (i.e countries with low standard of living or lower cost). Some crew work almost all day.

Make a list of available boat cruise deals

Take time to look for boat cruise deals and job opportunities in the internet. You will see a wide range of crew and staff positions. Often times, applying for more than one cruise boat position will increase your chances of landing a job.

But try as much as possible to make your application outstanding, because hundreds of people might be applying for the same position. Carefully, choose a position that directly applies to your work and / or education experience.

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