05 Jul 2016

Paving Paint Ideas for Concrete Floors

Paving paint around home swimming poolDo your exterior concrete floors look dull and drab? Would you like them to look as good as new without having to spend a great deal? Then make sure you get them painted using paving paint. Not only does it make your concrete floors more durable but also add a touch of beauty to drab concrete floors.

Ordinary concrete floors can be transformed to look like marble or wooden floors with a touch of paving paint. Whether you want to paint your drive way floor, your garage or your patio flooring these ideas are surely enough to get you inspired.

Following are some paving paint ideas for your concrete floors.

Faux Painted Concrete Floors

Faux painted concrete floors can look great and can enhance the look of your home’s patios and other outdoor settings. In fact these can be used in commercial spaces as well to give dull concrete floors a certain stylish look. Take some inspiration from this classy looking faux painted concrete floor. The faux painted cobble stones give this place a quaint and beautiful look. However this isn’t the only faux painting option available. Paving paint can give your concrete floors just about any kind of appearance you desire. Whether its wooden, marble or simply a high gloss finish.

Paving Paint for Marble like Appearance

Most paving paints contain specific stains which react with concrete and give it a two toned marble like appearance. Not only does the marble finish of this paving paint add to the overall look of the patio but acts as a barrier from stains and dirt too. Paving paint helps retain the natural alkaline nature of concrete and makes it less prone to absorbing dust and moisture.

Solid Color Paving paint for Driveways

Solid color paving paint can make your driveway look neat and clean. It would protect it from tire marks and oil spills and stains. There are a wide variety of colors to choose from and can transform any dull looking driveway into colorful and appealing. Brighter colors can add to the beauty of your homes as well.

Why use Paving Paint

There are quite a few reasons why using paving paint is a great idea. Some of these include

  • Making a concrete floor look aesthetically appealing. The variety of paving paints available these days allows home owners and commercial builders to achieve customized looks for their concrete floors. Not only does it look glamorous but offers protection as well.
  • Sealing concrete floors with paving paints makes them more resistant to wear and tear. Concrete which is not paint over or cured is not resistant to dirt. In fact it can absorb moisture which can make cracks appear in the concrete. The sealant protects the concrete alkalinity and makes it less resistant to absorbing dirt.
  • Concrete which is not painted can easily absorb dirt. This makes it almost difficult to clean concrete. Therefore using paving paint on concrete surfaces can add to its beauty and appeal and also help make concrete maintenance free.

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