18 May 2016

What Do SEO Service Firms Actually Do?

If you browse through Melbourne, you will see that there are lots of SEO service firms out there. Over the years, SEO has been the trick or real magic that most web-savvy people and search engines use to generate lots of revenue.


A good SEO service firm will treat your site very well. You will get the value for the money you are paying to them. Here are some of the works of SEO service firms in Melbourne:

Site structure Analysis

Top search engines like Google will tell you that you need to make your site to be relevant to users. It ought to be well structured, so that search engines can be able to read. Some of the things they do include:

  • txt- this helps in preventing search engine crawlers from indexing and crawling pages on your site; we mean those pages that you want to hide from the public.
  • Site errors- this tells the search engine that your website is untrustworthy. Some of the common errors involve missing title tags, duplicate page content, duplicate title tags, and 4XX errors.
  • Indexed status- they are being found by search crawlers, they will drive traffic to your website and show up in search results.
  • Sitemap- this is the list of every page on your site, which you really want the search engine to index. This is different from robot.txt which informs the search engine the pages to index or not.
  • Page speed- your site should rank well. User experience is very important for search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
  • Meta elements- keep in mind that site content, Meta descriptions, and duplicate title tags can have a negative influence on your search engine click-through rate and rankings. This makes sure that your Meta elements are optimized.

Content Analysis

Search Engine OptimizationSEO firms usually check the contents you posted on your site. Their work is to diagnose a wide range of issues relating to the following:

  • Missing pages
  • Duplicate content issues
  • Poorly ranking contents and many more.

Actually, your website content is what attracts visitors to your site, and convert them to leads. Thus, it is very important to have quality contents. You will never regret having great contents on your site. It is exclusively designed for you. Once they see the contents in your site, it will help them to structure your plans, so that your site can move forward.

Off-page Analysis

Most SEO firms in Melbourne always review your sites, industry blogs, online directories and lots more. The truth is that if you really want to be popular online or wish to remain ahead of the competition, then it is necessary to rank well for the treasured keywords.

Their goal is to make sure you have credible online presence which users can really trust. To ensure you get there, they use the following tools:

  • Organic traffic
  • Meta descriptions and unique title tags for every product and services
  • Authentic reviews
  • Contents based on locality
  • Reputable directory listings
  • Authority building measures
  • Instant leads
  • Mobile responsive website and lots more.

We hope you gained something from this article. Use the services of quality SEO service providers today, and you will be happy you did.

Thank You For Reading