28 Oct 2016

Why you should be Working in Aged Care

Elderly care doctor with patient.

Not many individuals in Melbourne – Australia choose to work in the aged care industry. Those who do so possess a unique ability to develop a lasting bond with their elderly wards. Many individuals who work in old age homes come across people suffering from dementia which requires special care. Though it may seem like a mundane chore, the memories and the feeling of being kind and useful to someone who actually needs is quite satisfying.

Where to start: Education

Compassionate people who care about making a difference in the life of the aged should consider taking up aged care courses or training here in Melbourne for the following reasons:

Workers Wanted

Where there may be less job opportunities for different disciplines, a career in aged care only means that you would go places. You may start at the bottom but could quickly make yourself move up in administrative positions by completing certain aged care courses.

Technological advances in medicine mean people have a greater life expectancy. With the rise in the aged population there is a dire need for more aged care workers. For a secure career, aged care provides a secure employment.

Very few people work in the aged care industry

There is a dire need for more aged care workers. You may not see a lot of people caring for the elderly. There are quite a few interesting aged care courses which students’ fresh out of high school can enroll in as well.

 A variety of experiences

Though aged care workers primarily work for caring for the elderly they undergo a plethora of experiences, from caring for the sick to giving them emotional support. They may also get to learn about how people have spent their lives. In fact they could get a multitude of experience in the short span they care for their elderly wards. It is indeed a very satisfying experience and you get to meet so many people and hear about their life story. It can be described as interesting and poignant at its best.

You get to learn about many skills

Even a aged care certificate 3 like this one focus on teaching quite a number of skills. From simple health management to providing personal care, both physical and mental, there are quite a few other skills in between as well. The best part is that once you start working in aged care you would be practicing all those skills.

Satisfaction and Fulfilment

For the time you start caring for your elderly ward you develop an everlasting bond with them. Often they may share certain words of wisdom with you which would stay with you a long time even after they are gone.

A career in aged care can be rewarding, both emotionally as well as financially. You know you have a secure job which is one in which you find self satisfaction.

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